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Adjust 'Change factor' to determine how much the image should be regenerated. Great for improving detail!

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Upscale images you've created by clicking the icon in your image gallery or '2x details' directly after generating an image.



Upscale with details

Use the "Regenerative" option to upscale an image and add details (max 2x). Use the "Simple" option to create unchanged upscaled images (up to 4x).


Upscale amount

Current size: - x - px
New size: - x - px

Negative prompt

Change factor

Regenerates the image moderately
Increase your image to 2x, 3x or 4x its original size. The AI can also add detail by regenerating the image using your prompts. This is perfect for shots where the face is a little distorted. You can change the prompts for weird effects.
You can write here the things you do not want to appear in the image, e.g. writing 'purple' means that there should not be purple in the image
This determines how much freedom the AI has to regenerate the image. Closer to 0 the image will change less and stick more to the original image. Closer to 1 the AI will regenerate more and stick less to the original image. The ideal range for adding detail is between 0.3 and 0.7.
Select by how much the resolution of the image should be increased.