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Composition processing

Pose detection

This will only look at the humans in the image and take the positional data from them. It will not use any background information. This works well if you want to create an image with a specific pose.


This takes in all the information of all the shapes and lines in the image and will try to replace it relatively precise with the new prompt.

Depth view

Looks at the shape differences between all the objects. Only looks at the general shapes but is not concerned will all the details inside the shapes.


This takes in very precise line information of all the elements in the image and tries to make the new prompt information fit inside it.

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    • Download all layers
    • Export composition
    • New solid layer
    • Import image

    ImagineMe Canvas is currently only available on desktop.

    Here you can choose how the information from your created composition is used to create a new image.
    Select, drag, scale and rotate layers. Use the prompt below the canvas to create a new image from your composition.
    You can write here the things you do not want to appear in the image, e.g. writing 'purple' means that there should not be purple in the image.
    Use the brush to draw on a layer. Adjust the settings below to create a brush to your liking.
    Erase unwanted parts of the layer.
    Select the brush size. When hovering over the canvas, you can also use the scroll-wheel to adjust the brush size (hold shift for more precision).
    Select the opacity of the brush.
    Select the hardness of the brush. With a soft brush it is easier to blend in.
    Select the color of the brush.
    Automatically select objects you click.
    Automatically objects with the selection rectangle.
    Draw a free-form selection.
    Remove parts of a selection.
    Select the brush size. When hovering over the canvas, you can also use the scroll-wheel to adjust the brush size (hold shift for more precision).

    Welcome to the Canvas!

    Choose your canvas size:

    Portrait 1008 x 1416
    Landscape 1416 x 1008
    Square 1200 x 1200

    Complete control with Canvas!

    Decide exactly how your composition will look like. Drag, paint and erase to create your perfect image. Then generate a new image based on your composition.

    Start dragging and dropping

    Now that you have chosen your canvas, start adding images onto it by either dragging and dropping the images from your desktop, your browser or using the plus button in the right bottom corner.