Training Model Guide | Choosing the Right Input Images for Your Model

Creating realistic images using AI-powered image generation tools can be a fun and innovative way to showcase your unique appearance. However, achieving high-quality results depends on having a well-trained model that can accurately reproduce your features. While traditionally, these models required a large amount of data to be effective, recent technological advancements have made it possible to achieve great results with just 10-20 input images. Here are some tips for creating a good AI model for image generation:

Variety is key

The more diverse your reference images are, the better your model will be able to distinguish what your face looks like and the more options you will have when generating images. To achieve this, it’s important to include a range of close-up, mid-shot, and full-body images that show different perspectives, facial expressions, and backgrounds. As a general rule, it’s recommended to upload 12 close-ups, 5 mid-shots, and 3 full-body images of yourself.

Quality matters

The quality of your input images will significantly impact the quality of the generated results. Choose high-quality pictures that clearly show your facial features and are well-lit, avoiding harsh shadows and sunglasses. If possible, use pictures taken with a professional-level DSLR or mirrorless camera, or a smartphone with a good camera.

Naming your model

When creating a model, you will need to give it a name. The AI will learn to recognize this name as you. You can use your own name, but you will generally get better results if you use the name of a celebrity that looks the most like you. To find your celebrity lookalike, visit and use their full name as your AI name (e.g. Keanu Reeves).

Avoid using images like these

There are a few things you should avoid uploading as input images for your model, including pictures from the same photoshoot, pictures with multiple people or faces in them, pictures with sunglasses on or harsh shadows on your face, the same photo twice, and photos in which you are wearing the same outfit. The only thing that should stay consistent between all your images is your face.

man, smoking, cigarette-6489805.jpg

Don’t use pictures with sunglasses on

girl, model, brunette-924868.jpg

Don’t use pictures with hair covering your face

people, outdoors, woman-3038089.jpg

Don’t use images with multiple people

girl, female, model-466131.jpg

Don’t use images with harsh shadows on face

By following these tips, you will create a high-quality AI model that will allow you to generate realistic images of yourself in a variety of scenarios. Having a good quality model increases your chance of getting the best possible results and realistically looking like the HULK!